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Nothing. It’s just a big ball of air that can’t think. I know it’s thinking because it has to to be able to write this but you know what I mean. And then when I ask it to think in important situations it just won’t. It’s very stubborn. It’s like a really awkward pet that refuses to work most of the time. And then other times it works too much that it won’t stop asking stupid pointless uninteresting questions about the tiny little things in life. It’s a bitch.


Not being able to pause time.


Spotify, I choose you! ..As my iPod has no battery.. as usual. I’ve got like every song by people I like on my playlists cos I get bored of certain ones and listen to others. I also feel mean if I don’t include the crappy songs because I know I might like them some day. :3 You’ll all probably hate my music taste too. :P

1. Scream Out - The Unseen

2. The Longest Line - NOFX

3. Cries In Vain - Bullet For My Valentine

4. The Future’s Not What It Used To Be - The King Blues 

5. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo - Bloodhound Gang

6. Clumsy Card House - Blue October

7. Feel This Way - Zebrahead

8. Cold Hands - AFI

9. Tight - Mindless Self Indulgence

10. London Is The Reason - Gallows

11. Brand New Bass Guitar - Jamie T

12. Still Waiting - Sum 41

13. I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie

14. Dead Bodies - Rancid

15. Counterfeit - Limp Bizkit

16. Up All Night - Blink 182

17. Daylight Slaving - From Autumn To Ashes

18. Red Flag - Billy Talent

19. Unknown Soldier - The Casualties

20. Crawling - Linkin Park


After asking Aaron what ‘pet peeves’ are, I can now finally do this Tumblr Challenge.

1. People who pretend to like things just because you do or so they can ‘fit in’.

2. People who steal your ideas and use them as their own.

3. People who constantly say really mean things about someone until they’re around and then suddenly they’re best friends with them.

4. People who constantly complain about things.

5. People who comment on the fact I don’t talk much and try to force conversation. You will fail.

6. People who decide they don’t want to understand things because they don’t like them.

7. People who say they’ve got all these weird lovely diseases and other things just because they want attention or just because someone else has it.

8. When Fee steals the toothpaste to go stay round Joshie’s house and I have to try and find a new box in the dark in the cupboard at 12 at night or something stupid and then we end up with two opened toothpastes the next day and I have to pick one to use.

9.  When people don’t tell me things because I ‘don’t need to know’ or because I ‘won’t understand’ when I do really need to know because it’s sort of to do with me, or when they won’t even give me a chance to understand it, even if I failed at it in the end.

10. People who have to order different smoking things to everyone else meaning I have to remember where on the shelf it is and what it looks like.

11. People who fall out with each other several times a week and make a big deal out of it. Is there really that much in the world to argue and fall out over?

12. People who ask for ‘A dozen’ stamps and expect me to know how many that is.

13. People who pick up a chocolate bar or bag of crisps about 5 minutes after I’ve just put several of that particular flavour out and then they wreck the display so it looks like I haven’t actually done that much work.

14.  People who are just human.


I don’t really remember nightmares or dreams that well and I’m never sure which one is which. They’re all quite scary whenever I’m asleep. o.O

Once (In my dream/nightmare) I woke up. It was sort of the middle of the day, around 2 in the afternoon. I heared noises. It was lots of people talking. I walked out of my room, into the hall, down the stairs, into the kitchen and smelt tuna. Yup. Tuna. Dad walked through the door with a metal tray with two raw pieces of tuna on it. I walked towards the door into the conservatory and looked outside. An ambulance had crashed into the wall in the back garden. Dad was cooking tuna for all the people outside who had suddenly disappeared when I got downstairs. I asked where they went and he said that only he can see them but everyone else can hear them and they’re really loud. Then I woke up (In real life) and went downstairs expecting to see all this but none of it was there and I was sad.

The end. We don’t even have a wall in the back garden.


"Dogs can’t get a tan cos their fur gets in the way."

- Sauce. Myself. I realised this once when I was talking to my sister and she was like “Well done Jess *claps*” in a really sarcastic way. But seriously, how many of you guys have thought about this before that much that you say it and stuff?

Well I don’t really watch the news or read newspapers. I watch Russell Howard’s Good News if that counts? ..And I also rip up and cut out letters from newspapers.. That’s gotta count too right?

I just find that stuff depressing so I don’t let it into my life. I prefer my world cos it doesn’t really exist.

I made a shitty canvas on this idea once.. *Finds the picture*!/photo.php?fbid=10150298718241123&set=a.112054106122.110111.583381122&type=3&theater

It’s like all the main words from one daily newspaper in a box surrounded by my world of happy explosions. xD


J35515D34D. Jess is dead. The end. :P

I use this one for a few things but not everything. I never know what to put as those things so it’s usually just something shit. :3



That will be a habit until I die.


Wait a sec.. *Googles the definition of the word ‘sentimental’* ..Fucking big confusing words that I’ve never heard before in my whole entire life.. How the hell do people know what these words mean and how to use them? It’s like you’ve all been learning stuff in your sleep.. Either that or I just don’t pay attention but I’m pretty sure that’s not the answer to my stupidity.




a. Characterized or swayed by sentiment.
b. Affectedly or extravagantly emotional.
2. Resulting from or colored by emotion rather than reason or realism.
3. Appealing to the sentiments, especially to romantic feelings: sentimental feelings.”
Fucks sake. These dictionary things are useless. They really need to be more Jess-friendly. It’s like a game. “Hey Jess, want to play a game? ..Search for a big word you don’t know and I’ll give you an answer but also include several other words you don’t know so you have to search for them too and forget what you were originally searching for.” Fucking assholes. D:
So forget day 6. It’s too confusing. I’ll just write about my hate for big words and also sayings. You can’t say a saying and expect me not to think of exactly what you’re saying when it really apparently ‘means something else’. Okay I compare weird things, situations, other things to things that are totally irrelevent but my little brain sees a connection between them and therefore it makes sense. But when you guys do it you just make my brain feel like a scribble that has no beginning or ending so I can’t start to make the link between that saying and the real meaning.
..I guess I could write about a ‘possession’. By this I guess you mean an object? Or ‘something I possess’ which just makes me think of possessive and scary creatures of some sort.
Objects.. Well I like all the objects in my room. It wouldn’t be the same without all of them unless I didn’t like them much. And please don’t move the ones I like cos you’ll make me a sad kitty. :(

Fire. Used to be afraid of kitties. The number 3000. Becoming normal. Injections. Blood tests. Hospitals. Doctors. Them. Hoping they don’t find out what species I really am. >.<


o.O ..Well this one is a little odd?

..He stuck it in me.